Monday, January 24, 2011

My name is Sam, and I'm addicted to crafting stuff!

I have been trying to figure out what kind of craft furniture, cabinets, etc., I need to make my crafting area look better.  But I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that maybe I need to NOT BUY SO MUCH CRAFT STUFF!   (ack)  - but, then I ran across a coupon I had for Unity Stamping for 30% off, so off I trotted to see what they had online and ended up ordering (just a few) things...Then my sister told me SU is starting one of their Sale-a-brations tomorrow.   (double ack).  So I ended up ordering  (just a few more) things there too...And we will not mention the state of my shopping cart at Paper Wishes...(I said we will NOT metnion that, aren't you listening to me??!!) 

I don't have room for what I have.  I have no idea what makes me think I need to order more stuff.  But honestly - some of it just speaks to me and it has to come live here...{SIGH}.   Perhaps I should start a 12-step program for myself and those of you in the same boat...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wel, I said when I made my first blog post I wasn't sure I was cut out to be a guess I've proven that, since I haven't posted since October!!! I am going to try to do better! 

So lately - I've been trying to figure out what to do with my crafting area to give me more storage (as not buying more craft stuff is obviously NOT an option!!!)  and make it look better as well, since we live in basically a large but open one-room kind of space, so it is always visible.  My husband had a guy working upstairs to take out a sliding glass door on one wall and replace it with a wall and a window, and had hoped he could make me something, and he can -- but of course it will cost a fortune.  So looking at other options.  Ordered an IKEA catalog to see what they have and looking at Lowe's to see what they have...and hubby is right, looks like I can get pretty close to what I think I want at much less than having someone build it...

But I have actually made a very few cards in recent are some of my recent ones.

This first one was for the "Going Dotty" challenge over at Paper Wishes message board.  It required spots and dots, and to do something you hadn't done before...So I made this, which included the use of a Tim Holtz "fragment" on the front, with a sentiment rub-on.  Then I added white pearl bling with my I-rock!  I've had fragments forever and used them on frames but had never used one on a card before, and had never tried a rub-on on a fragment. 

And this one was for the "Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It" challenge at Paper Wishes...basically a 'split negative' challenge...I love this chick stamp and rarely use it, but think this came out pretty well, for my first try at doing this technique:

This one was for the monthly card swap on Paper Wishes, which was to do a thank you card including use of paints or spritzes.  I love how this came out.   I used a stencil and spritzed the tree/bird scene onto the card first, added a sentiment stamp, then covered it with vellum, added the borders, and blinged it up with the I-rock.

Paper Wishes had another challenge to make a card with a musical / song theme, and this is the front and inside of the card I made for that may not be able to see the music notes on the backgrond paper...

These two tags were made for a Paper Wishes papercrafting swap, to make a thank you tag.  The one on the right includes the use of my new favorite tool - Epiphany Crafts button studio!  LOVE LOVE it!

And my last pics for today - this is a thank you card I made (outside, then inside) to send to a friend of my nephew who hosted him while he was on a vacation in Vietnam recently:

Please come back tomorrow, maybe you can help me solve a mystery...I'm going to post a picture of a gadget I found in my supplies, bought years and years ago, for which I hope someone out there in blog-land can tell me what it's for...because...I've slept since then, and am clueless.  (Regretfully a state of mind I find myself in more and more these days!)

Bye for now, thanks for looking.  I'm off to input some more recipes - we are doing a 60th family reunion cookbook and I'm the editor.  (Translation of "editor" = I get to type all the recipes in.)