Monday, January 24, 2011

My name is Sam, and I'm addicted to crafting stuff!

I have been trying to figure out what kind of craft furniture, cabinets, etc., I need to make my crafting area look better.  But I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that maybe I need to NOT BUY SO MUCH CRAFT STUFF!   (ack)  - but, then I ran across a coupon I had for Unity Stamping for 30% off, so off I trotted to see what they had online and ended up ordering (just a few) things...Then my sister told me SU is starting one of their Sale-a-brations tomorrow.   (double ack).  So I ended up ordering  (just a few more) things there too...And we will not mention the state of my shopping cart at Paper Wishes...(I said we will NOT metnion that, aren't you listening to me??!!) 

I don't have room for what I have.  I have no idea what makes me think I need to order more stuff.  But honestly - some of it just speaks to me and it has to come live here...{SIGH}.   Perhaps I should start a 12-step program for myself and those of you in the same boat...


Jennifer M. said...

O Sam! I was just having these thoughts to myself last night! I made another order to PW and I thought..."Hmmm now where am I going to put that stuff?" LOL. Like you I am a collector of all things artsy and crafty so you are not alone! My boyfriend and I are moving in together and he "thinks" he understands my addiction but he has no idea! LOL. So you are not alone. :)

Precious Thoughts said...

I know exactly what you mean Sam, we had craft day on qvc last week & I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything but I caved by the end of the night!!! I think I like my addiction too much to even consider 12 steps yet!

Karenliz said...

Sam, Great minds think alike. I'm having the same problem. I'm addicted too. I'm trying not to spend money but when all the sneak peaks come out for CHA I get the shakes! LOL I don't know if I 12 step program would work for me but the first step is to admit it.

Hello, My name is Karenliz and I'm a craftaholic!

Nancy B said...

Hey Sam,
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog from Becca's blog. Isn't this game fun getting to see other blogs? You have some great cards on your blog!

Becky Green said...

Hi Sam!!!!
Becca at Amazing Paper is sharing the Cimment Wealth & I picked YOU!!! :)

I know EXACTLY what you mean----about all the craft "stuff!" I'm on a "spending freeze!" It is SO HARD TO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!! But, EVENTUALLY, the $$$$ runs out!!!! LOL Like your blog!!!! The set up too!!! AND the TITLE!!!!!!!! LOL How did you come up with it???? :)

featheredheaven said...

“Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you”
Hi Sam! All I could do was smile and giggle as I read your post! LOL!! Yesterday, while I was cleaning up my craft room, and re-organize, all I kept thinking was where I was going to put the stuff I already have and stuff I would love to have! Everytime I buy something else my hubby will would be nice to see you use what you have before you buy more!!! My thoughts on that comment....NAH!!!
I'll be back to explore your site again soon!